What's the story?

May Tapley first started Spirals Cinnamon 15 years ago, after returning from the USA and realising there is nothing like her family's favourite 'Cinnabon' buns in Perth in the early 2000s. More than a decade later, May has a shopfront, a lot of followers but needed to re-engage with them, so we created a campaign of 15 years of Perth buns!

What did we do?

We did a few things, in this order:

  1. A market survey – we conducted a 2 week survey with the customers of Spirals Cinnamon to find out who they are, what they love, what they want to see more of! This gave us the important data to create a content marketing strategy!
  2. A content marketing strategy – we worked with Spirals Cinnamon to revamp their online content, with an IG and FB workshop to capture the right images and create engaging stories.
  3. Campaigns, campaigns, campaigns – we created a 12 months, month-by-month topical and fun campaign around food and events we celebrate.
  4. PR campaign – we used the "15 years of Perth buns" and 15 years of being in business in a tough Perth food scene to create publicity!

What happened?

Well…. where do we start?

We got heaps of publicity online and offline with The West Australian, the Western Suburbs Weekly and Urban List Perth!

Online content improved a hundred fold resulting in increase in followers and in real life, this resulted in increased foot traffic to the Mt Hawthorn shop AND increased sales!

Most importantly, a happy customer in May and her team.