What's the story?

Branch Up is a is a dedicated and select group of software developers, design and marketing collaborators, committed to helping you take the next steps "up" where innovation, growth, and the future happens.

Branch Up had a name and a social media presence but needed a brand to professionally unify their presence, name and services professionally to their clientele in the technology sector.

What did we do?

Firstly, we spoke to Founder and developer of Branch Up, Fred, about his vision, mission and “why” of the company. Through a series of interviews, we got the answers we needed to inspire us to create:

  1. A brand story
  2. A web sitemap and content
  3. A social media strategy
  4. A content strategy
  5. A PR campaign

What happened?

Say hello to Branch Up at https://branchup.tech/

With a tagline of “Branch Up… towards innovation” a brand story was developed and permeated all content and social presence for the company.

A PR campaign saw Branch Up featured in tech publications and also gaining traction in the industry to gain new clients.

Most importantly, we had satisfied clients in Fred and the Branch Up cohorts, who, through the brand exercise, also recognised the importance of getting the “brand” story right from the beginning.