News - 15 July, 2019

Just saying hello

Hi, world or more specifically, “hello to those who have visited the AVA Agency website to find out who we are and what we do.” Let me start with introducing myself… the person writing this blog post.

My name is Petra Vanessie and I started what was to become AVA Agency in mid 2018 when I was working in a corporate communications job.

At the time I was a bit disenchanted with the corporate and business world, having worked in it for the last 15 years heading up global, national and state marketing teams. What I was disenchanted with was the fact that I just couldn’t see what I was doing was making a difference, however small in the world I was operating in.

So when a friend who owned a small business contacted me and asked for some marketing help I jumped at the chance for something creative and what I thought was a way to get me out of my disenchantment flunk.

Little did I know that once I entered the small business world I ended up enjoying working in it so much that I decided to stick with it and help more small businesses.

And that’s how AVA Agency started.

I now work with a team of contractors and freelancers who I have worked for a long time over my career and projects I manage. I carefully select this group of professionals because I know they share the same one work ethic that I do ….. “Delivering results that are above and beyond expectations.”

Today, I work with small businesses across Australia - in Perth, Sydney and Brisbane - helping individuals and start-ups get started on their ideas with brand development through to thriving small businesses poised on their next stage of growth, through a combination of engagement, direct, business to customer, digital and content marketing.

And when the going gets tough and I feel like I am doing 20 billion hours in a week, one thing that always keeps me going is the smile, the happiness and the confidence that my small business clients get when something’s worked and their business is developing and growing.