Strategy - 25 July, 2019

Who is this? Getting to know a well established brand

James Said is an Australian company with a passion for the “Hollywood Regency” aesthetics who have a strong brand presence in the West and East coast of the country.

We were introduced to owner, entrepreneur and successful business woman, Bethany James, when she needed someone to help strengthen the already established brand so that it can engage current customers and attract new ones.

We were super stoked to be able to work with Bethany and her team on this and especially to come up with a strategy for strengthening brand identity and this is what we came up with.

Who is James Said?We started back at the beginning… where the James Said story started and went deep and personal with Bethany herself to find out the story of James Said.

This helped to create a narrative for the brand that had a more personal feel to it before growing the voice into a more subject matter expertise.

In this part of the strategy we also suggested a PR strategy to showcase Bethany as a business woman, an inspirational success story and also a talented designer.

What James Said - Once we re-introduced the brand story we want people to confidently view Bethany and her team as experts in their field of work as interior designers. So the next phase of the campaign was around “What James Said” with a content strategy that offered tips and information on this field of work

What would James Say? Once we have cemented the brand identity of James Said we wanted to engage current and new customers with the brand. Our “What would James Say” campaign focused on a strategy for people to share their interior designs woes and share them with James Said for advice. Building content of before and after stories would be paramount to this phase of the strategy.